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Current Focus

The work of Hand in Hand continues, as Ukrainian guests still arrive and as those who have been
here for six months or more move into private or council accommodation. Hand in Hand
continues to focus on the following initiatives:


We provide regular meet ups for sponsors and guests; and offer help with practical work, home and educational needs. Please see Our Work page.

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Well Being Movement Group for Ladies

It has been recognised that the ladies here are on a very difficult journey, mainly here without husbands and looking after children with no family here for support. We have therefore set up a weekly group on Saturdays with the help of Mary Savva, a community dance artist, educator and practitioner who uses the idea that dance links the physical and emotional self with others. We are looking for funding and donations to help with this class. We have funding for January/February but need to secure it for the rest of year.

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Childrens Art/sport/wellbeing class

Together with, we have organised a Saturday Childrens Group to incorporate Art, Sport and well being which will run at the same time as the ladies class so they have some time to themselves. These classes will take place at Milverton Primary school and if we can secure funding will start end of January for the year.

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Hand in Hand continues to look for furniture and furnishings to help our guests move into their own homes. We need carpets, curtains, curtain rods, and all types of furniture. We are also constantly on the look out for places to store furniture and for people to help with removals and to fit carpets.

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