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Homes for Ukraine Coventry & Warwickshire

Information for prospective hosts

Delivering local support to hosts and guests of the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Deciding to host a Ukrainian family fleeing the war is a huge responsibility. We believe that all hosts should be supported throughout the process, by a local network who understands your unique needs and circumstances.

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What Happens When You Register Your Interest as a Host?

We want to make sure that hosting is a safe and rewarding experience for both yourself and your guest

Step 1: We answer any questions you might have

A team member will reach out to you, to make sure you are aware of all the details of the Scheme, and address any uncertainties or concerns you might have. We will also ask you to learn a little more about the members of your existing household and your living arrangement.

Step 2: Matching & Applying for the Scheme

Once we've confirmed your details, and that you are committed to ensuring the boundaries and safeguarding of your guest, you will be registered with us as a host. We will then attempt to match you with a Ukrainian family who has been referred to us, making sure that given the specifics of your housing arrangements and preferences that the match is appropriate. We will inform you when a match has been made, and confirm once again that you are still ok with going forward with the scheme.
We will ask you to fill out a pro forma, and collect some documents from you, which will enable us to submit the official application to the Home Office. Home Office processing time can vary widely, and once a decision is made your guest might want to travel immediately or might need some time to arrange their travels.

Step 3: You receive your pre-arrival pack

While you wait for your sponsoree's arrival, we will send you your pre-arrival pack, which will cover a range of very important information. Including:

  • Local support in your area, including public services and third sector contacts

  • Safeguarding policies

  • Cultural & linguistic information

  • What to do if something goes wrong

Step 4: Arrival of your guest

We will confirm with you in advance the travel plans of your guest, and that you will be there at the airport or train station to meet and greet. Before your guest arrives, you will receive the guest's Welcome Pack, which includes key information, translated into Russian and Ukrainian, as well as some physical items such as food to make your guest feel at home.

During the first days, you should present the Welcome Pack to your guest, and discuss concrete living arrangements. The Welcome Pack will contain worksheets for such purposes that you might find useful.

Step 5: Post-arrival Home Visit & long-term planning

Once your guest has settled in, a team member will arrange the Post-Arrival home visit. This is an opportunity to talk together with you and your guest. We will address any early problems you might have, and check on the progress of your guest's integration, when it comes to benefits, healthcare, education, employment etc. Again we will make sure everyone knows who to contact if something goes wrong. We will also take this opportunity to start talking about long-term planning, as for most cases you are expected to commit to an initial 6-months of housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the relationship between Hand in Hand Homes for Ukraine Cov & War and the national Homes for Ukraine Scheme?

Hand in Hand Homes for Ukraine Cov & War is a local community project set up to ensure the successful implementation of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme in the local area. Ultimately you will be participating in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, but we are here to provide you with support and resources.

Can I register if I live outside the Coventry & Warwickshire area?

We wouldn't be able to provide you or your host with the appropriate support if you live outside Coventry & Warwickshire. Therefore we wouldn't be able to match you with any sponsoree. If this is the case we would advise you to refer to other local networks in your area, or national projects such as Opora.

Will you match me with a Ukrainian family?

Indeed our hope is to match as many Ukrainians in need as possible with residents in Coventry and Warwickshire as possible. We expect an increasing volume of referrals from our working relationship with local aid organisations in Moldova.

At the same time we need to ensure that any prospective host fully understands the requirements and the responsibilities of hosting, and that the accommodation is suitable, before any match is made.

Why did you establish this project, while the national Homes for Ukraine Scheme already exists?

Hand in Hand established Homes for Ukraine Cov & War because we think there are some key gaps when it comes to the national program. For example, little to no support, beyond the £350/month payment for hosts, will be delivered to either hosts or guests. We think this is a serious omission as it is difficult enough to move to a completely foreign country, let alone when those fleeing the war have experienced serious traumas.

We are concerned of the risk of exploitation of sponsorees.

To address these gaps we believe any support is best delivered locally by people who are already knowledgeable of local resources.

I have already signed up on the Government's website. Do I need to sign up again with you?

At this stage of the program, even if you have signed up on the Government's website, you will not be matched with a sponsoree. To get matched you will have to register with an organisation such as ourself.

I have already registered with another community/charity organisation, can I register again with you?

Yes you can! Different organisations have different referral source and may be able to provide with different levels of support. You are not committed to sponsoring anyone in particular unless a match has been made.

If you have been matched with a sponsoree through another organisation, then we would ask you to continue with that match. However you can still register with us, as we would be happy to support you and your guest with our local network.

Where can I learn more about the Homes for Ukraine Scheme?

You can learn more about the Scheme on the Government's website, here. The Government has also published a FAQ, which you can view here.

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