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Ukraine 🇺🇦 refugee response in Moldova 🇲🇩

Delivering vital aid to on-the-ground partner organisations

With our background and networks, we will be assisting specifically Ukrainians currently located in Moldova, whose needs cannot be met by the resources disposable to local aid organisations there. We will be providing emergency relocation support and financial assistance to individuals so they can finally reach a safe roof either within Moldova or beyond.


In addition, as we have as part of our team UK immigration expertise authorised to practise in the UK, we will be providing local aid organisations in Moldova with training and resources for UK UKR visa schemes, so those on the ground can deliver basic information for those schemes. We will also be providing local partners in Moldova a referral channel to connect complex cases with pro bono advice and representation.

Finally, we will accept referrals from local organisations in Moldova for those who are interested in coming to the UK. We will match these interests directly with potential sponsors here in Coventry, or refer to other organisations across the country.

Why Moldova

Moldova is a small European country that sits on the Western border of Ukraine. It is one of the poorest countries in Europe, with a GDP per capita of £3,500. Nevertheless, it has accepted more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, a figure that already represents 3.8% of its total population, and the number is only increasing rapidly. Moldova has neither the physical, human, or financial infrastructure enjoyed by its European neighbours to support its response to the current crisis.

Our personal ties and networks in Moldova make us uniquely positioned to provide immediate support and enact positive, meaningful change for individuals now.

How we will use your donations

The funds will be used to fund immediate emergency travel, accommodation and settlement costs for Ukrainian individuals and families who are currently in Moldova, who have been referred to us because their needs cannot be supported by the limited resources available to local aid organisations. A very small proportion will go to expand our outreach channels.

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