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Hand in Hand: Ukraine Response

Supporting those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine in Warwickshire UK


Are you able to provide a home to Ukrainian families in and around Warwickshire?

We are working to support the success of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. We are providing local support and matching suitable sponsors and sponsorees.

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Who we are

Supporting those fleeing the war in Ukraine

We were founded by a group of passionate individuals who have lived and worked in the region. It is heartbreaking that while we are fortunate to go to sleep safely every night, the nightmare reality for children and families all across Ukraine today is all too real.

Building a community

The work of Hand in Hand continues, as Ukrainian guests still arrive and as those who have been here for six months or more move into private or council accommodation. 

Love Ukraine

Are you a Ukrainian guest in Warwickshire?

Find out more about the various events we organise and support we provide

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